Thursday, July 29, 2010

When Will Tvs Go On Sale For Superbowl?

July 2010 diary entry 29th

Good people, Greenland is supposed to be only a stopover, but was a very special highlight. In the morning, still ran the final examinations, each course was curious if he had now gained about? Then followed for all children to participate in the Kids-course study, and in fact, almost all involved brave.
was of course also be carried out once the knowledge test, the discipline was also astonishing. In the afternoon we realized it yet so slowly the tension, many T-shirts were passed and signatures collected, exchanged phone numbers each, he noted, it is serious. Fortunately, it was not cold, there was no ice in a sandwich. After supper, but started the grand finale:
To get started, and invasion of the jury, the moderator had thought of something special, the dynamic duo Julian and Dominic sang, accompanied by two pretty girls, the opening song - at times in "Greenland". It was then handed over to the stand the protagonist.
Diane and Olli started magnificently with her songs, both were great, with Olli still a little bit more rocked the stage. Joseph had thought up for her own choreography, which impressed all. Finally, Group 3 was dancing - another high point of the evening. Your start further away from the stage was sensational. Now it was up to the jury, to distribute the seats. Very briefly occupied Joseph Platz 4, Diane landed on the bronze place - and the tension grew infinitely. Finally, to the cheers of the group was 3, her fair, really great second Place celebrated our Olli L. voted the World Star 2010! All were enthusiastic.
An emotional high point was then the assistant song everywhere you could see the comforting children, which was now aware that tomorrow really was all over. Nevertheless, Greenland was an important day for all become - 80 children were located closer in 14 days, have been fighting and tolerated, played, danced, sometimes a little cheated and yet we always enthusiastic helpers. Thank you, that you are traveling with us!
your Diabolus

help, report what must be your paparazzi. The song of the helpers at the closing disco - it is partly on the photo CD on it, in addition to the more than 2,000 photos of our trip around the world, triggered a storm of emotions. The famous song "Without Measure as It Gets" now sends the children after the long journey back home. Unimpeded, the tears flowed not only in small groups! Even the paparazzi had to struggle a bit with it, but there are 2011 a kids-course, or
your paparazzi

travel provisions ... I like the taste of
Sort of funny, the last time here is a report written on the topic: That tastes great! This time we were in Greenland, it was burgers, as in Berlin for lunch and dinner a huge portion of ground meat for those who wanted to. Pretty much meat at one time, were after the barbecue in New York now but our protein reserves replenished. Great, keep it up! The Medpunkt

highlight of the day
highlight of the day was clear today, the grand finale of our "village looking for the brake World Star 2010" had actually deserves all the had come so far. Group 3 was favored a little bit, but then the little Olli broken the hearts of all with his song and the nature of the show, which finally gave the rash, he is now our star and will get the trophy presented. Congratulations!
your helper


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