Saturday, July 31, 2010

Average Power Bill For 1 Bedroom Apartment

diary entry 31st July 2010 diary entry 30th

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Dear children, dear parents,

it is done, we have our World trip in 14 days made it. On this day we were again returned to Schlaubetal, as in an anthill, it was up to now, your parents and all the other relatives who you have picked up were surprised, not bad, about what experiences you could tell in 2 weeks.
A big thanks to the Group 5, the girls have captured all the stations on our large traditional closing image - and I think it one of the most beautiful pictures of all the years it has become.

80 children are now picked up again, I run through the Youth "Bremsdorfer mill" with a laughing and a crying eye. Suddenly everything is quiet, no one is heard. We are all glad that we on the trip despite all the risks nothing has happened and we are happy, for your behavior on our graduation song has shown us that you have quite liked needs. Sorry we are - because now everything is back again.

At this point, a big thanks to our hosts - are the staff of the hostel. They have also contributed to the success, we are very happy to again set up our home here.
want to end, we also thank the health insurance companies, all those who enabled you to stay here. There is not, of course, the show those children whose parents or grandparents the costs have been included because the insurance company has just issued here, no commitment. We hope that with this course and possibly also with the results from the study (here, all thanks again for the patience) and possibly also by the reports on TV (we will give you timely report of the transmission schedule) can contribute to the Next year, again not so many disappointments, rejections by the cash commitment made.

Now I'm sitting on stage, on which we have named the world star, legendary nightclubs experienced, but have also conducted numerous training sessions. My gaze falls on the football field, which includes two ball fields and handball saw, I imagine our beach, which was sometimes in Brazil or serve as a Nile had, etc. All of these experiences would be impossible without this fantastic team! Every night at 22:30 clock - sometimes much longer than 1 hour - have you evaluated the day and the next planned. Your ideas, your energy and your strength have 19 be KiDS course a very special experience can be. All I want to thank for it. could you have made sure that we look very, very often in the eyes of happy children - our photo CD contains more than 2000 photos, proof enough. Whether blood collection, investigations, curve guidance, BE-treasures, all the interesting training, the daily "Feeding" the many blood sugar levels, especially at night, the documents, buttons, the daily removal of the mails, our course diary (the bare crazy how quickly and affectionately there, our reports have migrated into the network) and much much more ... - all the many tasks you have mastered sensational. ". 14 days with biscuits and juice ..." our song, it expresses thanks to all of you and "Bye - see you next year"

My thoughts go now but the real heroes of this world trip. A personal thanks to you therefore, my "kids" - you have shown that diabetes is not Obstacle must be to the tasks ahead and dangers to overcome on your journey, whether it be on our 14-day trip and in your personal life! I'm sure you pack it! It was fun with you the way to go, perhaps you one way or another to get help to better, even self-mastered everything, our team would be pleased. Right now, I would like to invite you to our 20th KiDS course in 2011, we intend to try to revive the best of 20 years in our Circus diabolus - Best of 20 Years Kids program!

The diary is now closed, our journey is over. , It takes leave of all that were there

your Diabolus


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