Friday, July 23, 2010

Kitten Swollen Nipples

intermediate Organ and mathematics

Peters school time is exciting person in relation to its relatively unspectacular: primary, secondary and grammar school he attended in Frauenfeld. When it came to the choice of study, he was interested in many things, especially classical philology attracted him, but then he decided for a science that can be applied anywhere: mathematics. At the moment of Thurgau doctorate at the ETH Zurich with the aim to have finished his dissertation next February. In his future, he sees himself less in the academy, but also in industrial mathematics, a response-related and productive area. Peter is making many trips, often in combination with conference travel and enjoy it being lost in a completely different culture and the associated reflection of their own cultural identity. In addition to the mathematics lead him to two other passions: sports and music. Peter runs all sports, is involved in which no ball, but Stamina and extreme experiences are possible or sporting excursions in nature, associated with aesthetic impressions. Music is a fusion of structure, according to Peter with hard and clear rules and individual expression and emotion, something abstract, not always easy to classify, a game with the fugitive. It is not hard to imagine that someone who says something, is often heard on the organ. Peter is convinced that one should always do what you want. He himself did not always know what he wants, but it is always something, and he realized it then. "It is no use indulging dreams forever. They should be put into reality. "


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