Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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Adrian - au-delà du Röschtigraben & to the other end of the world by train, boat and bike

" In Esperanto called ' not Esperanto, but the mother tongue krokodili use ' krokodili or , and 'speak a different language than the mother tongue': aligatorieren " explains Adrian. This is only one example among many that shows that the language of art that goes back to 1887 and was designed as a universal language of international communication, also has its own culture. Adrian a pu en faire l'expérience lors d'une rencontre d'Esperanto (à Zakopane) en Pologne, où il s'est rendu pour une semaine fin décembre 2009 . Language is at Adrian Program, they greatly influenced his life and not just as part of his interpreter's program in Geneva: in addition to its A-language French, his German B language and its two C-language and English русский ( Russian) he has also worked extensively in his spare time with languages such as the Suomi (Finnish ) . Also allows him but just interpretation, always with a lot of different areas of knowledge to stay in touch and not solely mit Sprache zu befassen.

After living ten years in France he attended the Gymnasium germanophone in Biel / Bienne - he is perfectly bilingual - then he did his civil service in Ticino, where he learned the specific dialects Ticino and finally he studied a semester in Limerick and a half in Moscow. All this led him to believe that the Röschtigraben exists but are also various bridges that cross it.

Adrian ist auch ein schöner Ausgesprochen Geniesser Landschaften, wie zum Beispiel der Moor picturesque scenery in Ireland. In return, he gives his environment you back a lot: During our hotel stays in Biel / Bienne and Charmey / Galmis he leaves the room a note: "par respect de notre environnement, veuillez ne pas changer les serviettes de bain, a trip to the Philippines (to visit friends), he draws only by train and boat in consideration and he can stand for several hours drive home in a crowded train in the Polish pushing scented toilet-train without a murmur.

A Genève fait également partie Adrian intégrante du Choeur des étudiants en interprétation et il joue de la trompette dans l'Orchestre Universitaire, même s'il n'est pas qu'il affirm tout modestement (encore) souhaite un level.


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