Thursday, July 22, 2010

What Does The Start Of Measles Look Like

Diary entry 23rd July 2010 diary entry

What's going on with Madagascar? Is there a rainy season? Or is it the monsoon? It rained all day, no matter how well all have eaten (and loved to do most), the sky was crying terribly. Nevertheless - we were not discouraged in the morning were the pump training staff flown in from Germany, even from different places they came and reported the latest magic devices that deliver the insulin doses so beautiful. Everything could be tried, some patches were abused, some magic boxes are now taken in the next few days even sometimes "test". Afternoon was played and rehearsed for the recall tomorrow, I have seen already caused great acts. In addition, the emails and letters were studied, dear parents, the kids really starve not, were in a pack, 68 BE's - when should the dear rascal for all this food? A card game or a radio play or a book would be sometimes a beautiful surprise.
the evening, there was the movie "Madagascar 1" and everyone was there, I've seen quite a close couple, rumors that there were probably even the first kiss - remember, we are a decent folk! Your Diabolus.

A new discovery was found in the insulin treatment group 1. Until now all knew that the user is in mmol / l od is measured in mg / dl. A child now been presented, however, that apart from the high and low blood sugar values, mean values on this new knowledge were all surprised with pleasure.
Tanita, Anja and Nicole, the group of helpers from group 1

travel provisions ... I taste the
After yesterday's successful "treasure hunt" (here it must be a Freudian slip of the tongue. ... Note from the office) and the Safari, we have had for lunch today Schnitzel. These noodles are enjoyed with a heavy tomato sauce. A sandwich we licking a tri-colorized ice.
your group 4

highlight of the day
Phew, was the wet today! But the highlight came in the evening, we were really in the movies, have all received movie tickets and the entrance was controlled. Everyone had to show his card or he did not come clean. There was also a break with a delicious piece of late and the movie was great, everyone will now see the second part.


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