Thursday, July 29, 2010

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Luke a 'müggerlnder' and music making of literature in the tree house

"numen U nid ice nei, zwöi, press the four füf, it all Schoossinjong fully as si hei zängpinggerlet desumegschläberlet u u u globofzgeret gschanghangizigerlifisionööggelet, it het eim agschnäggelet properly." Luke has reached his favorite part of hollow Totemügerli: the word ' Schoossinjong'. You can see and hear him to the enthusiasm he has for storytelling. "It does not always intellectualize everything, you can also simply 'just' enjoyment of a story are, "he says with a laugh. For him there is no text to which he could not be get something interesting. It is not surprising therefore that he decided to choose his field of study for Comparative and German Literature added. surprising is already, that he of all by his French teacher to come, to go into the realm of Germanic. Perhaps this explains the fact that he graduated after three years in Bern now as binding fellow Masters in Geneva.

devoted In his spare time, Lucas in many ways like the music: "Music can be likened to building a tree house - it is a very basic need." Besides the piano, it has done to him especially the percussion. There is hardly anything that he has not ever been used as an instrument. He has played with 29 on Old Mitperkussionisten Motorexfässern whose non-musical destination is usually in the transport of oil. The interaction with others is important to him as a musical dialogue, in which each has only two colors available to express themselves, a lot can be as enriching for hours alone on marks to play. He also sings very much, so we could admire him this week in the small ad hoc patois choir as a bass.

Luke has been behind some abroad, including in the United States and in Buenos Aires. How has this changed his view of the little Switzerland? "You always want to re-learn to laugh at himself. This is something that I acquire in the future even more. That does not mean that I consider our 'Ländli' as inferior, it is quite an opportunity, not great nation in the back to have. "In addition, he has also experienced that sometimes you may experience greater difficulties in communicating in the Lucerne hinterland than in Buenos Aires.

The subject which Luke describes is best, a boiled egg. "The history of this must, however, I think even more." Maybe they found even one day in his notebook again, which he always carries with him an interesting idea or substance write down for more stories. The egg itself has already been found in any case is received.


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