Monday, July 26, 2010

Sb0480 Sound Card Driver

July 2010

Oho, today was a day - all filled with experiences that morning there were some groups in Brazil for training again, the dream trip arrived at the best! Then there was a visit from the AOK Sachsen-Anhalt, who wanted to even look at what we are doing here and so all were impressed, even the big boys have been shown in the curve of the best rounds.
afternoon then went to the Copacabana, chilling, thought the most and wanted to admire the Sugar Loaf - but far from it, suddenly appeared on the 100m wide beach dream Rios, a delegation from the ocean - Neptune personally with his captors and mermaids came to punish the dirty and unworthy earthling to get some in his kingdom. He lamented the general pollution of the oceans with oil, test strips and plastic bags of Mr. Aldi and on and then retrieved the affected sinners mercilessly. This there was a baptismal verse and a terribly disgusting soup to drink, which seemed to contain all the filth of the seas.
started the evening then the big recall, 10 people were still at the start and knew every second, today is the dream of a world star over, therefore all gave their best - have the final then the Group 3, Diane, Joseph, Oli L. and got our breakedance! We look forward to the Friday evening, if it then finally says: Bremsdorf investigated the world star!
your Diabolus

Slowly I sit inside me, in the language of kids. So listen up: "You mean my Atze" You are my friend ... .. Among the other cool neologisms can I say unfortunately, not so much, but I'm staying. Promised.
your silent observer

travel provisions ... I taste the
Today, on a beautiful summer day, we have spent in Brazil, there were plenty of fancy foods. For lunch we were served sausage stew with noodles with holes. The Vesper brought us the cool with delicious vanilla ice cream with either strawberry or chocolate flavor. The dinner gave the Doc himself a broad smile, because there was bread and salad, black pudding and sauerkraut. The perfect end gave us green with Steffi and Dominik skewered chocolate-related clusters.
The assistants Katrin, Anne & Gloria from group 3

highlight of the day
Today was again busy in the Kid's Course for Bremsdorfer mill. After a relaxing lunch break we went to the lake. There, all the expected long-awaited Neptune. He came, and soon afterwards with his entourage. The voltage was felt, all the kids and the helpers only species before awe. This figure, this voice, this because of thunder, "You earthlings polluted my waters and seas, I will punish you and take you in my kingdom, there you will ...." And so on and so on. Many kids got it and some helpers with Neptune's captors to do, no one is escaping them. Funny and good names, he distributed, it was from the great helper Benjamin a fat elephant seal and from the Florian a small sleeping manta rays, because it always takes so long out of bed.
the evening we then welcomed the performers to recall, a show that has made all again very much. To Finally, we welcomed five finalists that we are looking forward to the finale already powerful.
Group 1


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