Friday, July 23, 2010

How To Pack A Light Jacket

July 2010

The view to the South African sky was clear - the rainy season goes on, all events were at stake, were rapidly brave - now also on Sunday combed through the training plans and actually were able to group 1 - 3 in succession work through the issue of diabetes and sports, in the pelting rain on our stage, especially the little kids have surprised the Doc with the expertise. At the same time started the course of the unusual sports, great, like all kiddies executes until well into the afternoon the stations, just great, then there was of course again the famous award ceremonies in the dining room with the documents which have achieved cult status. From the afternoon drive then another new super hero, "Tütenman F" on the loose, really did not come out, what makes it so intended, to me at least one interview was with him, was his main subject he wanted to be famous - well, you should into action!
started after dinner not recall - it was raining, unfortunately, still, it was South African rhythms with a monster disco started, the second to none in the northern hemisphere. The highlight was dancing through all the rooms, dancing ecstatically in Vodoozauber the children until all in the grand finale culminated. Tomorrow we leave the African - now rain continent - referred to China and business, and part of the world! Until then, remains your Diabolus

Yesterday evening at the cinema, have found two pair. The Womanizer R. from Group 6 has found his heart Lady D. from the group 5. In addition, there were the Prince L. from group 4 and the princess from the group 5 years Do we want but let's see how long the "Techtelmechtelchen" ... In general, the cinema was
geturtelt something-let's see how this develops. We also have not Barbie and Ken, but officially.
Jessica, Diane, Alina and Farina has from group 5
since yesterday, a friend, J. fifth from the group In the meantime he had changed his mind, but now he has again sought the path to it.
The boys of Group 4

travel provisions ... I taste the
The day began today with a delicious breakfast. The lunch was in contrast to times slightly different. We are now finally in South Africa because it can also be a difference. After we had completed our unusual sports that we were given a lunch box with lots of goodies. It was extremely funny and extremely tasteful.
The group helper Tanita, Anja and Nicole War of the Group 1

highlight of the day
quite clear that for the kids quickly organized and well sophisticated South African obstacle course that was fun and exciting to the same. It should be the alternative to the planned football tournament, which would unfortunately canceled due to the scheme castings. The following events invited for free or roused the fighting spirit of the kids: Kienäpfelweitwurf, slalom skiing, weight lifting (apple juice) map construction, arm wrestling, tower and rope jumping. The kids and the helpers had great fun. The awarding of the certificates in the evening filled with pride, featuring the winners a successful day despite the rain. A silent observer


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