Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nami Viene Scopata A Thriller Bark

21st July 2010

Oh, in Hungary at Lake Balaton, it was pretty hot, but today in Egypt - that goes beyond the frame. The training in the morning were all carried out in the open or in our beautiful mill basement. And what shall I tell you again paparazzi were present, this time they were of the RBB and the end of August report from us, they have filmed everything!
A special highlight of the training was the drawing of Emilia - she has drawn match on a super-food-pyramid, everything happened very quickly. Sister, Katie, and sister Kathy have again about insulin and so betrayed and pleased that many questions had been answered. The Anna and Steffi were done in the hours of the kids. Dr. Milewski has talked with the younger of diabetes, Marie tested on their cell phones and the Doc about sports theoretically and practically everything divulged. The last training for the big boys on the sensitive subject was actually directly in the water, then, all thoughts quickly cool down again. In general, there was the Nile as a welcome refreshment, he only saw the Balaton strangely similar.
Direct launched under the pyramids then Moderator Björn the talent show to "stop looking for the village world star" - over 20's Act were to describe, because children have juggled balls, bent her legs, dancing, rope jumping, breakgedanct, complicated cubes put together in record time, quickly drawn rustic dinosaurs and offered wonderful vocal performances - I can tell you, here comes in the recall a lot to us, for all well almost all have made progress! Only a poor dance piece of helpers is failed and found Dieter-Doc, Nicole and Anne no mercy. We are completely overwhelmed with the pharaohs fell asleep, tired
greets your Diabolus

Hello dear Parents and visitors to this page!
We just wanted to report that in the course KiDS new body parts have appeared. Determined were: a construction-navel, a foot and a variety of instincts.
Perhaps you can say yes to us, where we find jobs?
Your Med-point

travel provisions ... I taste the
Today it was lunch spinach and egg. The spinach was missing the necessary bubbling and whistling. The pureed apples (applesauce) gave the "beautiful" menu the finishing touches.
Group 4

Highlight The Day
The highlight today was ... well, actually there were zweiJ. A small and a great event. First, the small, which led to a rather uncomprehending amazement of all, than you should call it a highlight: a boy from the group 6 has squashed for dinner as much as 22 BE. He mümmelte down his portion in the form of crispbread. Sure he was pretty tired then.
But now the real highlight of the talent show to our motto: In 14 days around the world. It was so great. All children have really taken care of. We have seen together on the outdoor stage 20 acts. We had a lot of fun. Many thanks to all the artists
Group 3


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