Thursday, July 29, 2010

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Bernadette - the musical cosmopolitan

Curious open-minded, lovable, singing and craft happy: this is Bernadette. Born in Bern, as a child she moved with her family for three years at Oxford. After a long stay back in Switzerland, she went to Gottingen in order to complete a Bachelor-degree in molecular medicine. The highlight of this time Bernadette called her research internship at Cambridge, during which she wrote her thesis on malaria. They felt great sympathy for the twice daily then taking place and all laboratory members for compulsory tea break, which promoted the exchange and thus contributed to the success of the experiments. In general seemed the problem-solving behavior of the laboratory's to have their own laws: As an experiment for the umpteenth time did not work, took a post-doctoral children a pink wand with glitter stars and gave orders to him to swing the next time when experimenting on the machine. And lo and behold, the experiment worked. After Cambridge decided to take Bernadette, at the University of Bern a math degree with a minor in Germanic in attack, with the aim to combine their interests later time in the field of mathematical biology, in which one designs including mathematical models of biological processes. During the academy, Bernard practiced in a preliminary stage of model building, as they were with their table mates to origami a whole bird family ( It now duck or chicken?) created.
dedicated in her free time, Bernadette love of music. She sings in the Mixed Choir of Bern (which our ad-hoc patois choir, which she supported in a high position, was beneficial), plays piano and flute, and the best in duos, trios or quartets. Between the two instruments, they felt now than Musikbilingue she says. Bernadette, also grew up bilingual (German, Czech), knows what she speaks. On their main languages are important. Besides her mother and father language and English, she also mastered French and Italian and is about to learn Latin. It is no surprise that her in the Summer Academy have just lived the language diversity and contact with new and "exotic" languages such as patois were particularly impressive.


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