Thursday, July 22, 2010

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Prendre le temps d'être bilingue: Hans Stöckli

... is 20 years since Mayor Biel and will remain so until the end of this year. It is also National Councillor. His resignation as mayor, announced recently, and the resignation of Federal Councillor Leuenberger, M. Stöckli make a person very active in the media - and in great demand in the city, as we have seen: Lukas and I the search had to go down the street from General Dufour, close to the restaurant where we had Haudenschild given appointment. The mayor gave a speech at the opening of the chess festival in Biel.

The fight was hard (not violent), but we managed to release Mr. Stöckli clutches of reporters huddled around the magistrate, and determined not to let go before the hearing to apply for the Federal Council . On the way to the restaurant, the mayor of Biel, accompanied by his escort, went first in the wrong restaurant, a restaurant where there was Parzival, another famous Bienne, trilingual German-French-Esperanto (at least).

Mr. Stöckli has come we introduce bilingualism in "his" city. It should be noted right away that this is a bilingual French - Switzerland-German: the presentation was of constant back and forth between the two languages, but the mayor declined to talk about the 'ochdeutsch. Also point out - again - that Switzerland is a democratic country and therefore there is no "master of city [Bürgermeister], but only presidents city [Stadtpräsident] - also known as Mayor French. For many centuries, Biel was a town (or rather village) only speaking world. Everything changed in the nineteenth century, when the city fathers decided to encourage the dispersal of workers watch from Jura by giving them tax cuts. This had a decisive influence on the subsequent development of the city, since it marked the beginning of the Watch Industry in Biel.

The proportion of Francophones increased continuously in Bienne, now reaching 28% of the population and even 40% if one considers only the Germanophones and Francophones. About 15% of those whose first language is German are bilingual in French, one third are bilingual. City Mayor Biel and place great emphasis on bilingualism: the 120 million from the city budget, seven are devoted to the translation. Biel subsidizes the forum of bilingualism, created at the initiative of Mayor, which brings together people who want to perfect a foreign language in exchange for their mother tongue. The most common combination is French and Swiss German, but all languages are conceivable.

The watch industry is still very important to Biel. Unfortunately, the early twenty-first century, the Swatch Group has decided to abandon one of its working languages - French. Today, the only working language of the company is English. Mr. Stöckli was very close to Nicolas Hayek. After the sudden death of the latter, many media aired interviews with the mayor of Biel, which indicated that the two men worked together very closely and had a deep respect for one another. We have therefore asked Hans Stöckli had he attempted to change the minds of executives at Swatch. Despite its commitment to bilingualism, Mr. Stöckli has had to admit he had done little more than simply mentioning the issue with officials.

I wish you luck on viu Stöckli Stöckli ids or Bundesrat i! And Zyt meh!


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