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diary entry 25th July 2010 diary entry 24th

Living in China very very many people, today there were once over 100 more! Our big TT tournament was, in time meet the TT Trainer Sabine and Klaus, assisted by Mark and all admired the ball machine. Unfortunately, they had then not enough power, but could the kids until the evening when the coaches cut tirelessly practicing smashes, details. The doubles tournament was conducted, the children could help to find a partner, the more is the third place of Mick and Tim admired. Mark and Dominic were also third parties were in the final, Alexander compared with the DOC and Felix, Björn - after thrilling first set, the representatives of the group won 6 then earned and expected. Can
But was not everything, of Dr., alias cowl was with his son arrived as reinforcement, it is handball trainers and diabetes has more years on his back as the Doc's old! Cowl knows what we all must be aware of handball - and what to consider in diabetes so then most. 18 children have then made his workout in the afternoon an exciting tournament play, winners were all really!! Once again a big thanks to habit and we look forward to the next Year!
Now came the next highlight of the day - the games in football helper against kids. All groups have set up teams, like any group could choose a country team. The first match of the Small Group 1 - they had chosen Ghana (10 children against 6 helpers) was very exciting, but the rescuers were in the lead by 2 goals, but at the last second was the equalizer. Also, group 2 when Italy managed this with a result Oli Messi - there was turmoil in the helpers, the goalie Dominik criticized severely. Group 3 when South Africa was then against the assistant's something in the back meeting, though here as the best single player Denise excelled. In group 4, the game was open long before a double strike from Doc Ibrahimovic with remarkable Hackentor and Heber took the decision. After all, Germany had so sadly lost to Sweden.
Clear case then in group 5, this made the nurses against short work of Spain, but the girl in the group looks good! 2-0, victory went to the assistants. Finally there was the grand finale of the guys in the group 6 - so were the Netherlands - to the male workers, here the battle raged long, the team members with their "technical skills" decimated were themselves, as the lightweight Benni on Julian fell all frightened - so to speak, a body connected sat Julian out of action. The volunteers were very motivated for the first and a dry humorless shot of Doc Ibrahimovic in the mesh door of the boy brought finally win, but respect for the fighting spirit of the group 6!
were finally all done something in bed, it was a relatively quiet night in China - come to the next continent can.
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The preparations for the shows run in full swing. All artists are excited and eagerly awaiting her. Today, at lunch, I can see some that pointed out that the damn thing is this really seriously taken. The skirts were flying, hips turned and Harre fluttered in the wind. And one or the other similar nightingale voice was heard at noon. However, the performances top secret and no one learns from the show, what show, song, dance and say it but with the dictum: "performing" is. All the kids and the whole KiDS-course team in high voltage and are eagerly awaiting today's show. Now, however, concluded that I must go! Tomorrow for the details, I promise!
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travel provisions ... I taste the
derogation by the Chinese tradition there was now a more German food: stew with tomato sauce and red cabbage. There were also shared in today's sports day fruit in a sandwich, so our food was not so hard in the stomach and we were able to get in football all of us Heru
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highlight of the day
the highlight of the the day was the day itself, we had the whole day a lot of sports. First we were allowed to play table tennis, some of us were in handball. The training was fun. Finally, there was also a tournament in handball, but all receive a certificate. The table tennis players will also play a tournament, many of us have been through, but the major was unfortunately better. In the afternoon we played soccer, we were in Italy and have against aid workers almost won. Finally, we have scored 2 goals and then the referee blew the final whistle. The volunteers have also fouled, as well. Next year we will win.
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