Monday, July 26, 2010

Please Make Me Pregnant

Thérèse Meyer-Kaelin, Conseillère National PDC / FR

At its conference in connection with the closing of the 4th table in Switzerland, Ms. Meyer-Kaelin gives us a quick overview of the language issue in the federal government, including in the administration and committees. "For a National Councillor is understood by the rest of the plenum, it must be fluent in German, if not a majority of advisers will not even bother to listen. Then she reminds us that Romansh is not an official language, and therefore is not required to distribute any daily information in four languages of the country, but only in German, French and Italian, with the exception of texts administration officials and authorities.

Ms. Meyer-Kaelin grew up in a world where singing and dialect are not absent because she is the niece of a great Swiss composer Pierre Kaelin. For over 30 years she sang in the choir even always with great pleasure. It is also close to Mr. Placide Meyer, president of the cantonal patois, via the family of her husband, making her a perfect Gruyères in the soul.

As Advisor national, and as a citizen of Switzerland 1st in 2005, it attempts to promote equality of national languages in committees and in Switzerland. She said it is important to respect the foreign-language communities living in Switzerland, while encouraging them to learn at least the national language spoken in their place of residence.

When he speaks English, Ms. Meyer-Kaelin is very clear: there will be no question of making the 5th national language of Switzerland! By cons, it does not consider that English is a threat to multilingualism in Switzerland. Indeed, "we speak English in Switzerland is more of a controlled vocabulary, the use boils down to the world of business, research and banking. We do not use English to make our own culture or the English thought. "

If it is compulsory for students at HES-SO, to choose their courses in English as a foreign language from those available, Ms. Meyer-Kaelin is outraged that they can not participate in the course of Italian, provided they have never received any formal education in German during maturity. "This is a perfect example of discrimination of a national language. Everyone should be able to choose what he wants to learn the national language, même s'il est déjà en train d'en apprendre une. »

(Portrait Redig par Antoine Jaquenoud)


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