Monday, July 26, 2010

Offer Letter In Insurance

diary entry 26th July 2010

Australian ostrich eggs for lunch, it was a surprise, but it must have been Bonsai Bouquets, small as were the eggs. The longest arrival had the eye doctor, he distributed it to all these terrible drops, huge pupils, you get them, some looked very similar to the native Aborigines. Cool sunglasses were worn anywhere, it was back training, dream trips and numerous championships. But at every turn we saw quietly practicing the participants in the recall, they used the whole afternoon. On
Evening started then the big recall, 23 participants were still in the race, the Flori began with his jokes and had the desired blonde joke here, Sin Bi Loo and Laura left us with "36" sweat, Anna Bell from group 3 danced "Tic Toc "Emily drew a Raptor, Anna Bell moved from Group 5" The Lake House, "Ronny was" all new, "Miriam was an Irish dance, Jessica was" Waving Flag ", Luke from Group 2 discussed the" Hey Mr. Nazi "an important issue, the Steffi sang Loverman," Laura and Nele showed a dance, Alina and Anne Marie also. The entire group 3 we were surprised with the performance "King The Lion, Oli L. was "Ice cold," Rieke juggled with the table tennis balls, Luke was from group 4 to admire his dancing, jumping rope and Jasmin at the guest house from 4 since the "Waka waka! Diane then persuaded her song, Joseph sang and performed "waka waka", at the end Dominique and Julian offered her Space Taxi a satire of a lifetime, just like Domenik, Vincent and Luke from group 4 were convincing at breakdancing! All this before the eyes of the jury, which then had the thankless task, 10 participants for the Motor Show in Brazil - to nominate (Carnival in Rio hot rhythms). After a brief disco deposit it was finally time, there was great rejoicing among the nominees, but there were many sad faces and tears. Your Diabolus want to tell you all who have participated are winners and are proud of their accomplishments - it will also give a yes KiDS course in 2011, and there we will certainly look for our Super Star! Today, it takes leave for your Diabolus impressed.

Today I listened between House 2 and 3 to a house call. ... I heard my ears! It was so strange things like "you're my Atze, my Gayme, make me lick the shocker, go into the tram, Amok, I think, I turn free .... "incredible what does that mean? I am sure, are aware of my activities, my work here is sabotaged. Who were here at the camp developed a language code, which only the local are powerful. If so, my work here poses a massive threat and I can assure you no more my home coverage. However, I'll stay tuned, maybe open up to me yes the code.
your chatterbox

travel provisions ... I taste the
On our plate today for lunch we found eggs in a light sauce edged with potatoes. Since we are in Australia now let's say that the eggs come from ostriches. They tasted delicious. However, we would have the meat of ostriches sometimes interested, well, maybe next time
A silent observer

highlight of the day
Today we had the kids and helpers of the group three a dream trip. Among many pillows, a thick carpet, we cuddled all of us in a colorful room. We start from Australia in an adventure land and were very excited about what awaits us. All should be as precise as possible to focus on their body and breathing. Soon we were ready for the story and the music. Together with Balthasar we flew on a magic carpet over meadows and mountains. All were able to engage well and enjoyed the relaxation that appeared visible trigger a pleasant rest in them. Some of them were so relaxed that she fell asleep within minutes. We also liked the assistant's travel well and we were able to gather strength for the day. Many greetings from the group 3


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