Monday, July 19, 2010

What Does The Inside Of A Vergina

Tagebucheintrag 20. Juli 2010

Hi, Greetings from the beautiful Hungary, we were monitored directly at Lake Balaton, but before it went into the lake, was announced training, you can admire the pictures. Suddenly, on even a television crew, probably to our Niklas (who was living in Hungary!) to interview, but also the Tanita was my turn. Man, I was proud of you, how confident you have mastered all the questions. The report then come on TV, but then we are all already at home from our trip around the world. Certainly there are a tip when exactly the review is sent. Afternoon was announced Baden, it was sooo refreshing - the shower we had but also necessary, since the evening the disco blew any notion that it was rocked, the stage went wild! Hamma ', danced like there was the closing song La-le-lu Heinz Ruehmann came much too short, I still have the music in your ears - a good night wishes
your Diabolus

Note: Because the reporter on television are unfortunately gone by early afternoon, we took as a helper in group 5 which reports: The first
Techtelmechtelnbahnen on. During the disco tonight was the womanizer from Group 6 of 7 girls surrounded by our Papparazi photographer caught. But a girl of the group was surrounded by not a few of interesting guys. How does the well-developed? We stay tuned and will report when it was first security measure tomorrow morning for group 6, the training on "love, sex and affection" is planned.

travel provisions ...
gave me the taste
For breakfast, yogurt, bread and juice,
gave us for a few hours of power. was
potatoes, meatballs and beetroot it for lunch, then went
so that almost everyone's in bed.
The dinner was very tasty, as it was
guaranteed no nagging.
was the last one to play it late today Filinchen,
na for that we give away a bee.
Group 3

Another is to eat by Rene, Moritz and Manuel
1 Breakfast delicious as always (rolls) 2-
The lunch was very delicious, we do not even potatoes
3 The Vespers is always delicious at home
4-The dinner was delicious (bread)
5 - The late play was very tasty.
6 - It is all simply delicious.


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