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Iwar Werlen - Language specialist between Brig and Bern

Iwar Werlen is professor of linguistics at the Institute of Linguistics at the University of Bern. For speech science, he came to own statements "by chance". First, he decided that is for the study of theology, during which he discovered his interest in literature. Inspired by the linguistic philosophy of Wittgenstein, he found himself But soon the voice science again and devoted himself finally of dialectology. His doctoral thesis he wrote about his home dialect, the dialect of Brig.
Since the publication of newspaper articles from the National Hodgers Antonio ("Le renforcement du suisse-allemand pose un vrai problème national",
Le Temps
  • , March 23, 2010), is presented in which the Swiss German as a threat to national cohesion, Ivar Werlen is regularly raised questions about the status of Swiss German. How important is the dialect of the Swiss identity? If Swiss German in the west of Switzerland introduced as a compulsory school subject? Or should she, as Hodgson asks to be banished in favor of High German from the public space?
  • The idea, in Swiss German-speaking Switzerland as a compulsory subject taught, Werlen is skeptical. The dialect rather should be dealt with in the ordinary course of German language. This should Romands given the opportunity to develop at least a receptive understanding of Swiss German. To what dialect these consist, be secondary. Once you have a thorough comprehension in a dialect, it is also much easier to understand the other dialects. to create concrete incentives to learn the Swiss German, be difficult. More important are mutual exchange programs for school classes, in which the functioning of other languages can be experienced on site.


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