Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Difference Between Cravat And Ascott

July 2010 diary entry 27th

The journey now took us through the Wild West, the Group 4 was even at a training session (Diabetes and travel) in the Rocky Mountains, it was very exciting, but on return over the prairie was the expected attack from the Indians. The Battle of Little Big Horn was out, however bitterly, the ammunition was fired from the various water bottles, a few pale-faces was obviously very right, they could not hope to be the shower in the evening to spare. There was also trappers who went illegally in foreign territory and therefore not had to suffer at the stake, but incurred the wrath of the Great Manitou had Doc, he sent smoke signals to the tribal chiefs and established tests. The shaman
Marie was even whimsical work of the devil of the white man - they said this phone - which showed little works of art in itself, to glass beads they wanted to exchange not the magic sets, unfortunately. The groups 1-3, played perhaps by the natives of native game "Two Ball Fields," which symbolized the former tribal feuds. Finally, one step but at the peace pipe.
A Day of redskin had today, the "little wild hawk" from group 1 shot a cute stuffed animal and it may now take home, he was finally 8 summers old.
The Squaw's Group 5 had finally with a mysterious medicine man training on male and female and have experienced what we all consider when many small swarm later the Redskins Tippie, or even how to use a too impetuous warrior to deal (say No!). So the ride was inclined in the evening to a close, the skyline of New York signed off on, as it all fell asleep in the dream world of the Great Manitu mitbekamen and not the nocturnal ABP correctly.
your Diabolus

Before breakfast I watched secret activities that anything had happened. The nurses in group 1 were excited by the Medpunkt the dining room. In their hands they held a large stuffed animal, large dog with a collar. Also, a cake was provided. Around 08:00 clock rang then totally unprepared for me a birthday song. Yes it was also clear to me! Here's someone's birthday. The Imad from group 1 is now 8 years old. All were happy with him and congratulated warmly.

travel provisions ...
tastes to me in the wild, wild west, it was today potatoes, cauliflower and grilled chicken over the fire. A sandwich we could enjoy that marshmallows on chocolate sauces.

highlight of the day
Today we played two ball fields. A great tournament with groups 1 to 3 By drawing lots, and 3 were thoroughly mixed teams. They came then to today. In brilliant sunshine, we went to the showers, as the hands and feet of all participants were stained so dark, that the wearing of shoes was impossible.


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