Thursday, July 22, 2010

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Corina, EUFOR Binding scholarship

Corinne grew up in Dornach, Aargau Dütsch. Her beautiful Baseldytsch she learned at first reluctantly, in kindergarten and primary school in Dornach, and then in their further school career in the District of BL. Corina now speaks several languages, one of her favorites is Latin. It does so by playing with the grammar and the rules and sees this as a large, diverse puzzle. Corina knew a long time, which subject their broad interests could meet. Finally, it was it of course in 'International Relations: Politics, History, Economics and Law in combination against an international backdrop. The course is offered in St. Gallen and Geneva, with the current decision turned out quickly in favor of French. The eastern Swiss dialect they found less attractive:) ...

Corina is a Swiss-German student with a scholarship from the Binding Foundation in Geneva and has since become a broad social network built up, especially with Romande. Since Geneva is a melting pot of cultures that are also contacts all over the world countries on the agenda. It has, among other things for a few months as a human rights observer for the Organization 'Peace Watch' in Mexico worked.

Corina has just her bachelor becomes a complex decision of the Cour Européenne des Droits de l'Homme completed in the Yugoslav conflict. It was about the international responsibility of states respectively of the UN for mine victims. In addition to the intensive study is committed to Corina Euforia. This is a youth NGO that has to release young potential and showing them ways to tackle global challenges locally. With much effort Corina cooperates projects for students, or a slightly younger audience. These concerns include human rights, migration issues, health policy, environmental issues and international Solidarity. May you carry on with much enthusiasm, energy and many personal success stories and motivating - we will all benefit!


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