Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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22nd July 2010 diary entry

We got up in the middle of the savannah, juhu Africa, we come from. Temperatures have risen above 35 degrees, great - as enthused the metabolism. And yet - a model was re-trained, well hidden in the oases or cool catacombs, our water vending machine was in full swing. Some table tennis tournaments were started, a monster match with giant scoop - it was after all a coke zero - in Group 4 showed a sensational surprising result.
The dream journey of the group 6 led then closed in a deep sleep. In the afternoon the small group started their safari will be answered as we went hunting with scraps of yellow and green cones across the jungle, at checkpoints had questions! As a reward, there was the late Afternoon, a reward - a real safari with Jungle Express was started, the kids could sit comfortably and enjoy 1.5 hours all predators of the area from a safe distance. On the evening were the older teenagers already lead her Twilight on, amazingly, but on this day are all so pretty quickly dropped without voodoo spell to sleep.
your Diabolus

Finally it is done, the night owl needs in addition to the normal utensils a wheelbarrow for all the letters in the night and above all, a "Entzifferungsbrille" to make the receiver problem! It is indeed the post secret but the recipients are to be admired, already, some of the handwriting matches the theme of Egypt yesterday - there are hieroglyphics! The list of the reports here are often deciphered only with great imagination, there is clearly an old, a new and even a special spelling!
Björn, owl in the Official

travel provisions ... I taste the
are in Africa, strange food. We have met the shock when we read on the menu: "Millie-Papp," should there be with freshly caught fish. It turned discovers that this is an ordinary mashed potatoes, we were happy! The fish and the sauce that gave it to were really very good. It took us all tasted very good. The group 1 and group 2 were given for the successful hunt snippets gummy bears that we have had for late play. So we want to hold on: The day was very tasty.
your group 1

highlight of the day
On a hot, sunny summer day on which not everyone was happy in the sun, was trained in the morning the knowledge of the children and with much patience. A specially created snippets made hunting in the afternoon group 3 and 1, reaches the goal, they named a little gift to mine.
Meanwhile Group 2 and 6 spent the time with the table tennis racket in hand and have it amount of energy burned.
A safari tour by Schlaubetal Railway Express made before the dinner group 1 to 4, witnessing its animals and sometimes they were also smear.
Group 5 spent the afternoon at the lake and thanked him for the beautiful weather at the weather forecaster.
Aileen from the MD point


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