Thursday, July 29, 2010

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July 2010 diary entry 28th

This day, dear friends, I will not soon forget. Even in the fog not far from York there was the bis (s) in the morning hour, the vampires were on the road again and have tortured again. Obviously, the bestseller by Stephanie Meyer had continued again! 3rd have to part from her, however, see Twilight at home, our trip is approaching the end that is quite surprising. In any case, all the children survived the blood loss well.
Then there was a great pleasure it was to flee to the Central Park decided to York. In the first bus the kids were then immediately After breakfast, go, later following the large groups! Amazingly, even then found himself an exciting water park with a large water slide, a monstrous and dangerous octopus, and many Tobe's pool and a large outdoor area, where everyone could play table tennis, simply could only climb or even played volleyball. Suddenly the whole group occupied the most beautiful place, as were the values measured, it then went into the cool water. Who was the winner of the octopus? Who was doing the best dive? Those who managed to stuke the helpers? It was a giant vortex and the few guests who were out there we were, but very surprised, because what some had to so hang the belly or what devices are there all showed that we were clearly in the majority!
During the lunch break could each a classic New York Hot Dog tinkering, which of course did all of you. In general was the additional sports BE then also made heavy use. After all, then make bathing time! The values tumbled course the only way! Slowly our reserves are running out of juice, even the beloved biscuits you will soon no longer be available. Since then the little ones go back to the first bus had - and the older ones really are great, the grounds were clean, were all who had once again like to to the chute and into the water. It is rumored that the buses will have some already slumbered a little.
larger the more it was the surprise - we were somehow still in Central Park, could not be missing a hearty barbecue. Here the Werner Reimann was a grill master from the object "Pfauenhof" in which we were over 10 years with the KiDS course as guests, appeared to Viola and, like in previous years as Diabolus member already begun over 100 sausages and just as many steaks to grill. To this end, there were salads and, above all, beautiful weather, so that all had at the outdoor stage fun. The Werner was concerned that his cucumbers and the meat and sausages are not all, but since he had misjudged us. So once again, very very big thank you! May have taken some but also a little more quietly, at night, some blood sugar levels but then pretty suspicious. In any case, the whole day was a great party, the kids were thrilled and I am also of course!
your Diabolus

It's something in the brake village mill ... it starts at the very tiny, hardly noticeable - but it is growing every day a little more. Often, it is now impacting on workers, but it has also been some Children noticed ... well, that we could now get away from the camp! A quiet

travel provisions ... I taste the
the breakfast was very tasty today as ever. There was bread, jams, sausage and cheese. In the pool we can enjoy that then our lunch, because swimming makes you hungry. After a busy day, there was a delicious barbecue in the outdoors, beautiful in sunny weather. The large, versatile supper we had the late-piece fly simply because we were so tired.
Thanks for the nice dinner at the nice Mr Reimann!
love from Group 1

highlight of the day
Today was a great day out, for we were in in the island swimming pool Eisenh├╝ttenstadt. The best there, the slide, children and helpers was have slipped. Allen has made a lot of fun. The great octopus in the swimming pool where one could climb even to please everyone. On the way back then but many then slept on the short return trip after all. In the evening, the warden of Kolberg grilled for us. There were: salad, fruit and vegetables, delicious sausages and loads of meat and bread! It was really tasty. There was a great end of the day, then a cozy little Campfire.
Nele, Marie and Mara from group 3


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