Sunday, July 25, 2010

How To View The Conformation Id Of Niv

Professor Andres Kristol - the Frankoprovenzalist

Bivio and Andres Kristol match. The village of Bivio: 250 people, six active languages. Professor Andres Kristol: 1 man, nine languages active. "I can all the major Romance languages -. Romanian off, '"he confirmed and delineated by the fork in the Poire à Botzi After he has learned in the days of Franco English, he was fed up by dictatorial countries - was gone for the Romanian But apart from the Romanian-speaking world can. from east to west, are actually made in all major languages, a check mark.. Italian, French, Grisons Romansh, Occitan, English, Catalan, Portuguese given, "of course" Züritüütsch, High German and English, to say nothing of the many dialects and idioms or varieties of Romance languages, with which he deals every day and at a high level.
Andres Kristol was born 62 years ago in Zurich. The study of the Romance Languages and Literatures and of European ethnography, he graduated in 1975 with a doctorate. was one of the most important professors Heinrich Schmid, who was during this time in the process of developing the Rumantsch Grischun. The habilitation then took him for a long time into the Grisons, the Bivio said. The multilingual nature of the village - two varieties of Romansh, to Swiss German, Lombard, Bergell, High Italian - fascinated him exceedingly. Kristol never had to make the question of representativeness of its survey results, for he had at the end each of the 250 villagers interviewed. Kristol is married to a Frenchwoman from the Pyrenees and the father of two children. The Chair of historical linguistics of French and the Gallo-Roman dialectology fits him - "like a glove".


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