Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Training Of Ostreaming

Happy Birthday dear Roman ...

Happy Birthday to you ...
Happy Birthday to you ...
Happy Birthday dear Roman ...
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu ...

All, all love from me ... Let's celebrate
up nicely ... * * Kussi

PS Tomorrow night is a new post.
Topic: DVD-Tip!

Should My Dog Stomach Stick Out

Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .... =)

Hey people ...

I have my charger for my Cam Finally Found ... =))))))))))))))))
invites you been busy in front of him ...
From tonight or tomorrow afternoon there again as usual until new posts =)

later ... Uni is calling ...

Monday, April 5, 2010

5.5jx14x20 Definition

scheiss tag = (

Hey guys!

unfortunately I can not take pictures for the blog topics I had planned for today.
My camera is empty and I find my charger no more = (
Have now been looking for 2 h, but no trace.
I hope that I have found the part no later than tomorrow.
Sorry again .


Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Husband Requires Garter Belt

A small "Haul" xD

Since the shopping trip was yesterday but longer than originally planned, is still only in my entry-Haul.

Man I've bought a lot again =)

the complete purchase of DM, Mac avarice, € shop and Pfennigpfeiffer

first Row from left to right: Essence Nail Art Ornament Stickers, P2 Victim Color Nailpolish Flamboyant No. 269, No. 222 Artful, 2x B├╝bchen Cream & Raspberry Kids Fun

second Row from left to right: Essence Go Eyeshadow 01 Snow Snow Bunny P2 Emotional Colors in Motion read 010 Heartbreaking Apricot Blush, Essence Go Snow Cream to Powder Blush 01 Sunny Bunny

The Alverde-Monthly Bulletin (free)

The journal I like to super.

Rescue Squadron 7

Have I something to look again at Easter. As is so often

nothing great on TV.

Tetesept relaxation, Bobby sponge Tenerife, measuring cup, Balea Young Soft + Care moisturizing cleansing gel and moisturizing cream, Balea feet Bimsschwamm, Balea bruising protection

Balea feet Vitality Bath, Balea feet foot butter, Balea feet foot bath salt, Profissimo Vanilla scented candle (6 pieces)

And last but not least: a small foot bath tub =)

Unfortunately I bought the wrong P2 Colors in Motion Blush = (

I wanted the No. 020 Red Apple's checks instead of the 010th

the fact I have already = /

Well are worse things =)

I hope you my "little" Haul has fallen.

For questions about the products easy to comment or send an email.

you later =)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Active Office 2007 Gr

My first real post and then immediately order a Lush =)

this morning when I looked in my email box, I could not believe my eyes.

A newsletter from Lush with new Prdoukten. And it was exactly the products I wanted to order me next week in the UK =)))

Source: Lush. de

Golden Sun Flower € 6.95
Pink Flower Plink € 6.95
FLower Wise White € 6.95

I love ♥ Lush ♥

When you stand in a Lush store, we know not at all where to go first to smell. Everything smells so wonderful. It really falls into a spending spree =)

I can only every recommend to go in a store. Lush is indeed quite expensive, but some products are really worth the money.

Later comes a small haul. See you later =)

How Long Is A Can Of Interior Paint Good For

Welcome to my blog =)

Hello =)

After much back and forth but now I've decided to create a blog.
I'm going to report here on cosmetics, movies, music, food and drink, books, free sample, art, my studies and my daily life.

I hope you subscribe me busy and read my bloggers.

write me any questions just under sany112@web.de . your

Greetings Susa