Monday, November 19, 2007

Hat Wer Einen Seriennummer Von Mount And Blade?

Unterwasserrugby SM: 25. Wasserturmcup 07

The year 2007 was a special year for the underwater section of the Rugby SLRG Lucerne. The oldest underwater rugby tournament celebrated 3. November 25 th anniversary. And to this very special anniversary a very special event was planned.
In order to prepare properly for the tournament, traveled most of the teams already on Friday evening. Together they trained for the last time and went to eat afterwards.
found the next day instead of the actual tournament. To kick off two teams played with former underwater rugby players against each other. And so in very traditional manner. Not even the washing up gloves were missing. Just like 25 years ago!
could then engage the elite teams of the action. 10 teams from Italy, Germany and Switzerland battled for the coveted trophy in the form of wooden water tower in Lucerne.
The games were intense, fast, sometimes hard and sometimes less. They were all interesting, and thanks to the 3 underwater cameras, were the varied moves are also being pursued in the audience. At the end of the TC decided
Heilbronn (D) the tournament in a thrilling final against the USZ Zurich for themselves.


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