Saturday, November 24, 2007

Foto Lond Dong Silver

Award 2007 25. UWR

On 24 November was the 25th UW-Rugby SM preliminary round in Oerlikon instead.
6 men managed to fight the best possible position for the upcoming second round in May 2008.
USZ one conceded in 5 games only 2 meetings, but could not put the ball 46 times on foes in the basket. Thus secured the USZ 10 points.
S LRG Lucerne 1 and Tellfins NW achieved both 7 points. For stress in the second half should be provided.


first USZ 1: 10 points 2nd
SLRG LU 1: 7 points 3rd
Tellfins NW : 7 points 4th
USZ 2: 4 points 5th
UWR Bâle : 2 points 6th
SLRG LU 2: 0 points


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