Monday, February 21, 2011

Swort Analysis For Salon

DIY - floral wreath

, ye would indeed love to know how to do it, and I promised to show it again. I say yes, it's really easy and fairly self-explanatory. First you need wire for the wreath itself. this is the best coated wire (which I took because I found him just in the workshop) or even better it will work probably with a paper-wire (also at amazon). You take two or more strands and turns them together.
if you want you can also install springs still with the little money available for a hobby shop or on amazon.
the artificial flowers and feathers, I then fastened with thin wire. I have also bought from a craft store for just over a euro. can be the flowers and springs of course, tie or even stick and I would rather do the latter only with the springs, because the flowers push it up easily.
and that you may be ready. I say yes get the point that each monkey;)
all can be done naturally with hairclips. Just the flowers to the tie clip.


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