Monday, February 28, 2011

Congratulate Someone On His Or Her Birthday

how you hate other people.

If someone asked me would have been at a job interview for my weaknesses, I would not know what I should answer. The weakness may not be too large and fatal and this standard saying "I'm sometimes a bit overzealous perfectionist and" I find it so embarrassing that I can not let him pass my lips. Yesterday I remembered then what I would say probably to blame are several bloggers. And my mother. I have been always a man who could not see injustice implied, neither me nor for others. As my mouth starts to open automatically at some point all of this text and also haunts me since last night around the head and can not rest until I have it written down. Just yesterday I told my mother, elgend memories in black
from an incident at school. We had an aquarium in the class are, in a few guppies and black mollies spent their whole life. fished When my teacher, a man who was supposed to play an exemplary role, bored with his hand a guppy out of water in order to be closer look at him, jumped I am outraged at and rebuked him. For me, he could have instead a small, innocent, hold fish gasping for water as well be a child out of the window. spend the rest of the hour before the door, it was definitely worth it. And now something happens that reminds me of this incident. I never wanted to give this Haterblog much attention and so I do not link him. Even though I know this probably does not do much for you are probably not so stupid. But who knows nothing of the whole of history, can safely stop reading here. few days ago I started, I read the comments of this blog, I started with the first, and during the days I worked my way through to the last. The majority of these comments addressed specifically aimed at hurting the victims presented in the blog. It is about lack of style, poor appearance and generally about what that person thinks, how they can dare to do a blog, not the others like. How can you dare to do a blog that likes personally and not the other? And it is these comments are what really upset me.

self proclaimed 'expert mode' on Facebook commend the blog, which would show others how supposedly dangerous these bloggers are and how important this is Enlightenment. And it tickles me even more in the fingers, because what has happened is not personally well-intentioned advice is not concerned email to the concerned bloggers. It is an open to the public and help all the bashing it. The internet is quite willing to appear as a reason to be allowed to hate. 'So the Internet is simply, from the need to be able, if you look on the Internet shows'. Exactly, and that's what you see then as a reason to be as hurtful as you can? Just so you see that you touch a person can and feel better?

connects hatred. You do not have to like to hate together. And if you're in the group, then the victim is only one gasping for water, helpless little guppy and you yourself is incredibly powerful. It belongs to the group and one must suffer for it just, that's life and especially the Internet.

I seriously wonder, love commenting bloggers and people who feel addressed, it does really well to nourish the suffering of others? Young girls who may have beaten over the traces and bloggers that are simply not only because of their looks or style like insult to jointly and publicly? This really makes you feel better?
Did you really not even thought about how vulnerable you are?


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