Sunday, August 8, 2010

Season's Greetings Tex

Bettina - Kaefel in Freiburg

For one that claims to make them except "Kaefel" and friends take anything special, Betty has already made it very much. In the district school, she wrote for the school newspaper, the student body represented at staff meetings and organized a ball and a day of skiing for the whole school. At the same time she became involved should also help to, a homepage, the young people to choose their learning path. If you listen Bettina noted immediately how much she is interested in people and their stories. For her graduation thesis "sex education in changing times" because she has also eleven detailed interviews and a survey done in several high school classes.
studied for a year, they, not yet 20 years old, at the University of Freiburg, Germanic and Latin. Unlike many of her fellow students (note the gender-neutral wording!), It has lost none of their initial motivation, on the contrary. She likes to read, likes to write like the logical Grammar of Latin knobelt, like a long time about to Middle High German texts and find linguistics fascinating. You can with the best will find anything that they do not like. When Betty tells of her studies, her eyes light up. She is not sure yet what she will do later with Germanic and Latin, but she does not worry. "With so much heart and soul must work it somehow," she says with conviction.
Bettina's relaxed way of life enjoyment and confidence are contagious. No wonder that they take a lot of time with "Kaefel and" friends spend "because they can pass it all the more.


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