Thursday, February 14, 2008

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Andrea Haldemann - 2 record svizzeri Category-D e nei 50NP 100NP

We have not done celebrating the second national record absolute dell'SLRG Oberwallis won by the girls in the relay and 4x100 4X50 and the primacy of categories and 25 of the Geneva apnea Eva Finch, who arrive here a 'another pleasant surprise. In Italy, the 16th Trofeo Giorgio Rise of Varedo Andrea Haldemann of Flippers Team Locarno, 13 years to make in April, broke the national record in category D (12-13 years) and on and on 50NP 100NP. And he did so by swimming times of international level: 23 "7 on 50NP , lower than 2 tenths of a second old record of 15 years and 52" 9 on 100NP , 3 / 10 by removing the old record held by 1992 (3 years before Andrea was born) from the sacred monster who has been swimming with flippers Martino Guzzardo, also a bearer of historical Flippers Team Locarno.

Before returning to the ranks and go back to writing as "institutional", give me a few lines to run for the memories and emotions. Sixteen years ago, the Memorial Arturo Rossi Locarno I attended to my own age, Comrade Martin's friend and team that crushed all primates national trade around him was a young team and happy that without taking itself too seriously could do great things. A few days ago in the bathtub, not by team-mate, but as a coach, I saw Andrea Martin beat the old record. The two are not alike, nor temperamentally or physically, if not for the ability to slip into the water with incredible ease, but one thing we have in common: they are surrounded by a team composed of many young people with commitment , happiness, friendship, cheerfulness, can "make group" helping each other. "The team" that puts emphasis on fun than the result is without doubt one of the forces that drove Martin over the years that were and that I hope will continue to push even Andrea, but not only him to new heights.

After this brief look back to talk about the important signs of awakening from the world of the national swimming flippers. By attending the pool during the meeting you realize the renewed enthusiasm by a number of young and analyzing the data we have confirmation of that. Do you think that from 2002 until the end of 2007, five years, the only ones capable of breaking the national record were Clelia Schl├Ąpfer over different distances within the individual and the Flippers Team Locarno, with runners in category E. Now over Three months between December 2007 and February 2008, we had to update several times tables primate, to insert records in two relays of the girls in SLRG Oberwallis, the 25AP category and Eva Finch and now these two records by Andrea Haldemann. This is the result of serious work by the company, which must not stop here, indeed must continue with the help of the federation to ensure that all young swimmers flippers can reach their goals, whatever they may be.
Dimitri Kalas



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