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suisse d'Apnée Indoor - 07.06.2008

Chères Apneist, chers Apneist

C'est avec un immense enthousiasme that I announce that the date for the championship Swiss Indoor Apnea 2008 will take place with the consent of the City of Prilly I just received.

Pool Fontadel 1008 Prilly near Lausanne Saturday, June 7, 2008

reservation for this important date please, we need you all. In advance thank you for your valuable support.

It is good to remember here how important it is to participate in this event so that our shared passion and can develop apnea in Switzerland. Thanks to members who have kindly agreed to join the federation, we have this first year financial support of the FSSS. Thank you, very sincèrement.Bitte beachtet, dass diese im SM

During the day Saturday, June 7, 2008 we need to sportsmen and women in static apnea, dynamic with and without fins BUT ALSO FOR VOLUNTEER timing performance and film miniDVD in digital camera. Need two people in the morning to welcome and registration, to distribute about noon sandwiches and drinks.

Detailed timetables will follow shortly, until then why not sign up as volunteers freediving you and your friends, girlfriends, wives and companions willing to spend bon moment avec nous au plus à mon adresse lives m.dematteis @ clarifying disponibilité et en fonction désirée, you venez vous le matin ou l'après midi ou tout le jour. Merci d'avance. Au plaisir de vous avoir nombreuses et nombreux.

Marcello de Matteis


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