Friday, December 7, 2007

Ellen And Sumo Wrestlers On Show

from Natal - two Swiss record

la fortuna di passare giornata di Domenica the two nella nuova struttura Dicembre che la piscina COPRE del Centro Sportivo di Tenero has momenti che ha assistito fotografano the Essenza dello Sport, in occasione del rally di Nuoto pinnato "Copa da Natal", organizzato Flippers Team from Locarno, during which they have competed most of the best athletes of the specialty, with excellent performance, but many young beginners. This has been observed that athletes, just minutes after winning a national leader, cheered and applauded children 6 / 7 years ready to take their first experience of "competition".

The most impressive results have certainly been won by the two records Swiss Valais Leiggener Sabrina, Nathalie Burri, Clelia Schläpfer and Tanja Lorenz SLRG Oberwallis 4X50NP and 4X100NP in the relay, which flirted with records by More than a year, but resisted respectively from 1996 and 1990.

Sabrina, Nathalie, Clelia and Tanja are all my compliments, Asthe it is a deserved result that has a particular value, Asthe not conquered from a selection, but from a club team: from girls, despite the frustration to previous attempts, also failed a breath during the season, continued to train together and, together, finally managed to achieve what they wanted. If you came to that, a round of applause is certainly also to their coach Ronald Burri!

Trophy "Copa from Natal, for the best team went to Locarno Flippers Team, represented by a strong team, and increasingly more complete (in water has led 30 athletes of all categories, up from 6 to 24 years). They should be credited with playing a great job of promoting swimming flippers, education and training of young people, which is leading sports good results, but not all. In their wake, even the Dauphins Geneva team is bringing more young people in the world of swimming flippers: they need to be highlighted and encouraged, no doubt!
Dimitri Kalas

chanceux Les ayant passé le dimanche 2 décembre dans la nouvelle structure here couvre la piscine du Centre Sportif de Tenero witnessed ont à des moments très bien an ideal représentant du sport. Much of the best athletes in the specialty attended the meeting of Finswimming "Copa da Natal", organized by the club Flippers Team Locarno. But many young beginners were present for the occasion. We saw and athletes, who a few minutes after obtaining a national record, applauded children 6 / 7 years, participating for the first time in their life to a "competition".

The most remarkable results were probably the two records obtained by Swiss Leiggener Sabrina, Nathalie Burri, Clelia Schläpfer and Tanja Lorenz SLRG Oberwallis in relays and 4X50NP 4X100NP. Records that have long rubbed shoulders, but they resisted since 1996 and 1990 respectively.

At Sabrina, Nathalie, Clelia and Tanja congratulations go because it is a deserved result that has a particular value. Il a été obtenu non pas par une sélection, mais par une équipe de club. For girls who have experienced the frustration of failing several attempts in the past (always for tenths of seconds), who nevertheless continued to train together. It is ultimately always together they have achieved these two records. If they arrived there, some credit also returned to their coach Ronald Burri.

The challenge, "Copa da Natal" for the best club, was won by Team Flippers Locarno, with a strong team this large and ever more complete (they have 30 athletes swimming in all categories, from 6 to 24 years ). Ticino club does a great job of promoting Finswimming, education and training of young people, wearing beautiful results, not just athletes. On their wave, Geneva Dolphins team brings more and more young people in the world of swimming with fins. Their commitment is to applaud!



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