Monday, January 31, 2011

The Bestmarvel Legends

what I need to get rid of mal ...

that especially on a brigitte
contest is where I participate, have probably already noticed some. What I have noticed that with the slogan advertises ala 'all vote for us, or come back jana ... NEN has the blog ... that's unfair ... etc pp. which I think is bad because I tell you now.
a . I personally would never come to the thoughts of other people make particularly bad, so I'm better vote there for a couple of stupid.
2. I was the 15th 15 people in because I get so many votes. that's just not true. and even now I have only 4% of the vote.
3. If we are the many teilnehmberbilder on the fanpage brigitte committed and then compares how many great pictures have not made it and how many out of focus images on which you can see not even one outfit, then you realize that it was all about who the Most Facebook friends, has has been begging on penetrating, most View active forums and has not at all about how the photo looks like at all. why is this better?
4. I think it's unfair to treat me from the front absolutely nothing. I have taken great pains me, getting a matching outfit and make beautiful pictures. why I deserve no vote? because I have a blog?
you find this plausible?
I think I deserve it just to get votes as others, like if my outfit. and if you do not want to vote for me because its a different outfit beautiful place, I think that's perfectly ok. But to say straight away from I do not deserve, no matter what kind of photo I have here, I find it unfair.
ok, I hear complain about now and do not take me to heart. Anyway, here are the way the photos that I have not posted still


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