Wednesday, November 3, 2010

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" Regional and Ro mands lazy", that was the end of April 2010 Between title in sight, the noted Swiss-German children would often driven less by their parents to the school. Regional and Romands other hand are more convenient: only half of them are usually way on foot to school, while in German-speaking Switzerland travel up to 80% of the children to school themselves.
were in the same direction in Switzerland, interpreted the clear differences in the vote on the reorganization of the ALV-insurance (see "Swiss info September 26, 2010): There were fundamental differences in mentality. Positive words, the more German-speaking Swiss would take care of one eye approximated budget of the State while the Romands more on solidarity thoughts were. The NZZ correspondent Christophe Buchi said from Lausanne, the "Rösti ditch for unemployment insurance have certainly cultural reasons". On the one hand, he says: "'I work, therefore I am', a bulbous motto is". On the other hand, he comes back to the idea of cultural differences: "In speaking Switzerland, it is more likely than normal to ausreizt the entitlement period for unemployment benefits. So again the idea of convenience.
I myself can only partially to believe these so-called cultural and mentality differences. Often there are in fact grounded in real restrictions, tough constraints as spongy cultural preferences and blurred identity features are portrayed.
Take the example of the comfortable Ticino children being driven to school: If you have been to Ticino on public transport on the road - even for short distances - then you will have noted the limitations and limited nature of the offer. In addition, the District of is fragmented like few others. Alone in the agglomeration of Lugano, there are places of solitude, which are reachable by bus to extremely difficult. The complex lines of the buses has to do with the small area and geographical bottlenecks. Everywhere there are lakes and mountains. Or narrow borders. Thus if we have the right to close down the geography of the laziness?
Also in unemployment has to first think of tough restrictions, not only to diffuse "sensitivities". Where are more unemployed will vote for more social rights.
Some commentators believe that the high health insurance premiums in Western Switzerland, have some of the fees in Geneva hell to do with attitudes. In the fall of 2010 were now - as every year - massive bonuses reported in premiums for 2011, especially in German Switzerland. Reason (see NZZ, September 16, 2010 ) is the fact that health insurance in Romandie - have set higher reserves - especially in Geneva. There is a risk that cross-subsidize by Geneva citizens paid reserves through international transfers, the German-speaking Swiss cantons (see TSR Info ). Some German-speaking Swiss were so a few years profiteers of a development, were among the victims, residents of the country Welsch. Some health insurance companies in the German-speaking Switzerland are said to have moved to the small of reserves on the edge of legality. This example shows that the transfers between the language areas do not always run on one side. Sometimes they even pass the common stereotypes of laziness and convenience completely contradictory.
Thus if we have the courage to take a look to cast behind the set up by semi-informed or clueless windbags cultural prejudices and mentality scenes: We will see more real conditions, restrictions and interests that have nothing to do with preference and should lead us to rethink our preconceptions.

(Immagine: risultato sulla revisione della votazione dell'assicurazione disoccupazione del 26 settembre 2010, della Svizzera tedesca cantoni accettata dai contro una minoranza Tues cantoni Latini e Basilea).


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