Monday, June 2, 2008

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Swiss Cup Underwater Rugby

Posted by Vital Pajarola

The UWR team of USZ Zurich could again this year and enforce was Swiss champion in underwater rugby.
The second round took place this Year in the pool Joggeli in Basel on 31.05.2008 instead. In different weather and good mood was set by the team from the USZ Zurich, won convincingly the Swiss championship in underwater rugby.

The game between 2 and SLRS USZ Zurich Lucerne 2 was not played because both teams are not taken to the second round.

ranking UWR:
place teams
a USZ Zurich 1 Lucerne 1
2 3 4 SLRG Tellfins Nidwalden
UW-Rugby Bâle
5 USZ Zurich 2
6 TC Interlaken
7 SLRG Luzern 2


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